The 18th International Conference on Gambling & Risk Taking

The 18th International Conference on Gambling & Risk Taking — UNLV

Date: May 23 – 25, 2023

Location: Park MGM Las Vegas, Las Vegas

Industry Thought Leaders Gather to Share Breakthroughs and Drive Safer Gambling Practices

Las Vegas, NV – The highly anticipated Responsible Gaming Conference, hosted by the University of Nevada-Las Vegas International Gaming Institute (UNLV IGI), is set to take place in May, bringing together an elite group of global experts in the field. This prestigious event, occurring only once every three years, will serve as a platform for researchers, data analysts, scientists, psychologists, and brilliant minds to collaborate and share groundbreaking insights and advancements in responsible gaming practices.

Recognized as a leading hub for industry thought leaders in responsible gaming, the UNLV IGI has garnered a reputation for its commitment to cutting-edge research and fostering innovation within the gambling sector. This conference represents a unique opportunity for professionals and academics alike to unite in their shared goal of eradicating addictive gambling behaviors and promoting safer, more enjoyable gaming experiences.

For Earle G. Hall, an esteemed figure in the gaming industry, the eradication of addictive gambling holds a special place in his heart. His unwavering passion and dedication to creating a safe and enjoyable environment for gamblers have made him a driving force in the industry. Hall firmly believes that by leveraging research, data, science, and psychology, operators can develop innovative solutions to detect and prevent addictive gambling behaviors. This, in turn, allows businesses to thrive while prioritizing the well-being of their customers.

Expressing his excitement to be part of this transformative movement, Hall extends his congratulations to Brett Abarbanel and the organizing team for orchestrating this iconic event. With the conference promising to be an unforgettable experience, attendees can look forward to engaging sessions, illuminating discussions, and networking opportunities with influential figures in the field.

The Responsible Gaming Conference serves as a beacon of hope, shedding light on the path toward a more responsible and sustainable gambling industry. By harnessing the collective expertise and knowledge of industry leaders, this event aims to empower operators to make informed decisions and implement effective measures that mitigate the risks associated with problem gambling.

The UNLV IGI encourages all stakeholders within the gaming industry to participate in this groundbreaking conference. Together, they can actively contribute to the movement that seeks to embetter the industry, creating an environment where responsible gaming practices are at the forefront.

The event promises to be a pivotal moment in the ongoing efforts to promote responsible gambling and underscores the commitment of the UNLV IGI and its collaborators to foster positive change within the industry.

Secure your place at this iconic event and be part of a global movement that is dedicated to transforming the gaming landscape. Join Earle G. Hall and other esteemed professionals in Las Vegas for the Responsible Gaming Conference in May.

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