Lindsay Slader

Geolocation technology for online sports betting – Lindsay Slader, GeoComply

During the Betting on Sports America conference, Sightline’s Philip Beere sat down for an interview with Lindsay Slader, VP of Regulatory Affairs at GeoComply to discuss the importance of geolocation technology for online sports betting.

In this interview we tackle the following topics:

✅ What is GeoComply?

✅ The significance of the borders in relation to sports betting and gambling

✅ “Over 80% of the online bets that are happening are taking place within 10 miles of the border and almost half of those are taking place within 2 miles of the border.”

✅ What do this percentages mean in regards to economic impact and tax revenue?

✅ How accurate is GeoComply? And how it works in terms of online sports betting?

✅ What are some of the biggest obstacles that face GeoComply in regard to technology standpoint?

✅ What is the downside from GeoComply?

✅How important is geolocation to sports betting, and what the future holds for this technology?

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