Rasmus Kjærgaard

Rasmus Kjærgaard︱mindway AI︱Using virtual psychologists to detect problem gaming

Rasmus Kjærgaard

Rasmus Kjaergaard has been CEO of Mindway AI for approx. two years. Mindway AI is 100 % focused on providing scientific-based Responsible Gambling Solutions and knowledge, combining neuroscience and AI.

In this period Mindway AI has grown rapidly to become a significant provider RG solutions globally, and lately being a double award-winner at the Vixio – Global Regulatory Awards in the categories “Responsible Gambling Service or Solution Provider of the Year” and “RegTech Provider of the Year”. Rasmus has 20+ years of experience in selling complex B-to-B it-solutions.

He has also participated in developing an it-startup business from a small company to market leader with all the aspects regarding customer relationships, marketing, delivery of the it-solutions to the customers and supporting the customers afterwards at a very high customer service level.

During this episode, Ras discusses the following topics:

  • What is mindway?
  • Neuroimaging
  • GameScanner
  • Gamalyze
  • The biggest obstacles to responsible gaming?
  • Industry trends/happenings regarding RG?
  • Responsible gaming or responsible gambling?

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