The 2 Rules the Best Sustainability Marketers Follow

The 2 Rules the Best Sustainability Marketers Follow

What Is The Formula For Crafting The Best Corporate Sustainabilty Stories?

The best stories come from companies with the best sustainability plans. (Important to note, if there is no CEO buy-in, then it is a non-starter.)

If there is no CEO buy-in and there is no sustainability plan, then it is best to default to Marketing 101, and stay clear of any attempt of aligning your marketing efforts with a sustainabilty message.

For those with a good sustainability plan and CEO buy-in, here is the formula to good sustainabilty marketing:


  1. Start with why – align vision and mission with purpose
  2. Must come from CEO → identify goals and objectives →integrate into business
  3. Commit to sustainability metrics & standards, and reporting & transparency
  4. Engage employees
  5. Commit to CSR


  1. Identify your customer demographic
  2. Get feedback from focus groups and surveys
  3. Engage stakeholders
  4. Look upstream: supply-chain and transparency
  5. Collaborate: NGO and competitors

Once your plan is complete, you are ready to market your sustainability initiatives. If you have no plan, and still embark on messaging sustainability, beware of high risk for green washing or impact washing.

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