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360˚ Marketing for Healthcare Professionals
We make it easy and affordable for doctors, clinics, and healthcare organizations to adopt a 360˚ Marketing solution with subscription-based marketing.

In light of the pandemic, doctors were catapulted into the world of digital communications. And, most were not prepared.  

For example, the entire scientific paradigm on respiratory disease transmission shifted in 2020. Why did the “aerosol concept” take so long?

Is it because our scientific system is too slow and consensus-driven to tackle urgent real-world problems?
Could the system be more efficient if doctors communicate with peers more swiftly by using social platforms?
We believe the answer is yes.

The problem is, doctors are too busy with patients and research to ramp up their digital communications and marketing efforts.

We make it easy for doctors to adopt digital communications. By doing so, patient / doctor communications improve. And, doctors are able to share their research and get feedback from peers more quickly.

Our 360˚ Marketing solution for healthcare professionals is headed by Philip Beere and PJ Media’s team of creatives.


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