PJ Media’s Premier Directory for RFA Doctors Expands to Asia and Africa
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PJ Media’s Premier Directory for RFA Doctors Expands to Asia and Africa

The online directory makes finding an RFA doctor easy – and allows doctors to increase patient bookings, share research, and keep up to date on RFA news and events.

RFA technology is the newest innovation to arrive in the United States for treating thyroid nodules without surgery. Although the technology has been used in Asia, Europe, and Latin America for over a decade, due to regulations, the U.S. was slower to adopt it. 

We are seeing a spike in doctor signups from around the world who want their work to reach a wider audience and allow patients to easily discover them.”
Creative Director and co-founder of PJ Media

Last year, PJ Media launched Doctor Marketing, a subscription-based marketing platform for doctors. Already, the Doctor Marketing website ranks number one on Google – organically. 

“The RFA MD directory was needed. Previously, I had no website or central-online presence. With the RFA MD directory, I was able to increase my online presence and can now direct patients to my personal website. The process of getting started was easy – my website was live in less than two days.”
An RFA pioneer and RFA instructor from Brazil

RFA MD listings include:


Michael Simon


About RFA MD

RFA MD is the premier global network and directory for RFA doctors. The platform is subscription-based marketing for doctors, it features patient consultations, RFA educational videos, and the latest RFA news and events.

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