AXES.AI Donates $150,000 to UNLV for RESPONSIBLE GAMING 🎲🎲 Earle Hall, CEO of AXES

Key moments:

00:52 Earle discusses the donation

01:38 The inspiration behind the donation

02:00 The benefit to students studying responsible gaming

02:28 anonymous data donation

02:50 increasing profit when implementing problem gambling prevention

03:20 The difference in AXES data compared to Sightline Payments data

04:41 The quantitative behavioral analysis from AXES

05:20 advice for an organization wanting to align with RG initiatives

05:57 about UNLV

06:20 moving the industry from gambling to entertainment

07:00 Reaction to the AXES announcement

10:23 Earle thanks the AXES team

ABOUT  Earle G. Hall

Earle G. Hall is recognized as a futurist and thought leader by the International Gaming Media. Earle is also considered as a visionary and innovator in several fields of technology and neuroscience

Earle is the CEO of the fintech AXES harnesses the power of its proprietary protocols, IoT devices and its Microsoft Azure Big Data Cloud to collect information from land-based casino gaming machines in more than 40 countries that manages more than 5 million player accounts. The data drives mobile and smart card cashless, KYC, responsible gaming, anti-money laundering, business intelligence and real-time analytics apps available in the AXES APP Store.

Earle is the Vice-Chair of the International Gaming Standards Association and focuses on ethical AI, and integral, traceable data. As well, Earle is a member of the global Government Blockchain Association and sits on the Standards and Certification Committee.

Earle is a graduate of the Royal Military College of Canada and a Veteran Army Officer.  He holds a Master’s Degree in Public Administration and has undertaken doctoral studies in Organizational Psychology. He is a 2x TEDx speaker and speaks and teaches globally on technology and neuroscience.

About the AXES.AI

AXES is a Cloud Information Management Platform that licenses actionable intelligence and applications to Global Gaming & Amusement Industry.

With IoT devices streaming data from more than 40 countries, AXES makes sense of billions of pieces of player, machine, time and space data to create value, increase revenue and enhance player engagement.

The AXES platform offers native and third party applications such as jackpot, loyalty, rewards, cashless and accounting to enhance client performance and profitability. The AXES advantage is simple: we can connect to any type, number of machines and location size.

About the UNLV IGI

For more than 25 years, UNLV International Gaming Institute (IGI) has provided research-based solutions, cutting-edge insights, and executive education to the gaming industry. Described as the “global intellectual capital of gaming” by former Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval and “The Harvard of Gaming” by Global Gaming Business, IGI houses several Responsible Gaming initiatives, the Center for Gaming Innovation, the International Center for Gaming Regulation, and the Expanding the Leaderverse initiative. Each of these addresses a vital need in the global gaming industry, for which the IGI serves as an answer center populated by an internationally recognized dream team of contributors.

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